FAB Training

Health and Social Care Training

Training staff is important in health and social care to ensure the safety of people receiving and giving care and to maintain high standards of care quality.

Training care staff helps engrain the necessary behaviours, attitudes, skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality, safe, person centred care. It helps them take the right steps to prevent risk occurring and prepares them to respond correctly should a risk emerge in the course of delivering care. This helps keep everyone safe from harm.

Without the right training there is more chance something (minor or major) could go wrong. This could put people at serious risk of harm. Training staff to understand how to communicate more effectively, to manage people who have behavioural difficulties and how to work towards their personal outcomes are just some examples of how the right training regime boost care quality, for individuals and across care services.

Handling of Medication

This training course is aimed at staff who are responsible for the handling, administrating and disposal of medication within a care environment. Whether that be nurses, carers or community support workers.The Safer Medication Handling Course aims to improve delegates knowledge of the different types of medication, the various routes, the 7 R’s, errors and correct documentation.


Did you know that under current guidelines, organisations who work with children, young people and adults at risk have a duty to safeguard and promote their welfare? This qualification that has been designed to provide learners with the valuable skills and knowledge required to competently carry out their roles and responsibilities relating to safeguarding.

Infection Prevention and Control

A half-day course where candidates will develop a greater understanding of infection prevention and control, including: roles and responsibilities, personal hygiene, and ways to minimise the risk of infection in a health and care setting. Need a group of people training? Contact us to discuss a group booking delivered either on-site or at our training rooms.

Manual Handling

Manual Handling injuries are one of the biggest causes of lost working days in the UK, with sprains and strains due to the incorrect lifting and moving of objects causing most suffering to employees. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent Regulations require that employees are provided with information and training and this general requirement should be supplemented with specific training and information on manual handling.