FAB Training

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training is a qualification for professional bus, coach, and lorry drivers in the UK and
Europe. It's designed to enhance road safety and ensure that professional drivers have the necessary skills and knowledge to operate vehicles
safely and efficiently. The training covers topics such as road safety, driving techniques, regulations, and health and safety. Drivers need to
complete periodic training courses to maintain their CPC qualification.

Drivers need to complete a total of 35 hours of periodic training every five years to maintain their CPC status. These 35 hours are typically
divided into several modules, each covering specific topics related to road safety, driving techniques, regulations, and other relevant aspects
of professional driving.

The training can be taken in blocks of seven hours at a time, spread out over the five-year period. This flexibility allows drivers to fit training

around their work schedules while ensuring that they receive regular updates and refreshers on important aspects of their profession.

Road Traffic Collisions / Manual Handling

Road Traffic Collisions: This module aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively respond to road traffic collisions (RTCs). It covers assessing the situation, providing initial assistance to casualties, and coordinating with emergency services for a swift and efficient response.

Manual Handling: This module is designed to provide participants with practical advice and guidance on the importance of correct manual handling techniques as to safeguard the safety of both themselves and others.

Health & Safety / Fire Safety

Health & Safety: Participants will be aware of how to perform a dynamic risk assessment prior to undertaking any task. They will be able to evaluate potential risks and be able to reduce or eliminate such risk. By undertaking this course the risk of injury to candidates should be reduced.

Fire Safety: Participants will be aware of common causes of fire on vehicles and be able to identify potential fire risks on vehicles. They will be aware of the correct action to take in such a situation, with regards to their personal safety and will be able to identify the correct type of fire extinguisher to use , and know the correct method of use.

Emergency First Aid


This modules aims to teach participants when first aid should be administered. This will include calling emergency services and methods of describing where the incident has taken place, for example using motorway markings for road traffic accidents. Participants will receive a basic understanding of anatomy and how and when to administer CPR, deal with burns and bleeding. It is intended for the candidate to have a minimum understanding of how to assist casualties they are likely to as a driver; such as road traffic injuries or for passengers or loaders. 

Mental Health Awareness / Safeguarding

Mental Health Awareness: In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, prioritising mental health has become increasingly essential. This Mental health awareness session equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to support mental well-being effectively by providing education on topics such as stress management, self-care practices, recognising signs of distress, and accessing mental health resources.

Safeguarding: This module is designed to educate participants on how to recognise, prevent, and respond to situations where vulnerable individuals may be at risk of harm, abuse, or neglect. The training typically covers identifying signs of abuse, understanding legal and ethical responsibilities, reporting procedures, and techniques for creating safe environments. By empowering participants with knowledge and skills, safeguarding training aims to protect the well-being and dignity of those who may be vulnerable to harm.

Customer Service / Vulnerable Road Users

Customer Services:        

Vulnerable Road Users: 

Disability Awareness / Driver Welfare

Disability Awareness:        

Driver Welfare: 

Safe and Legal LGV Drivers / First Aid Awareness

Safe and Legal LGV Driver:        

First Aid Awareness: