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First Aid Training

The world of First Aid is vast and sometimes a little confusing. We at FAB work hard to keep up to date with the ever changing legislation surrounding First Aid in the Workplace the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved.

One of the first things that is needed is to determine which first aid course is appropriate for the people needing to attend. Some questions to ask would be:

Is the environment Low or High risk? 

Is the first aid required for Adults or Children? If the training is for those working within a childcare setting, take a look at our paediatric courses here

What is an adequate level of training needed for the setting?

The answers to these questions hopefully will make deciding which first aid course is the right one but our team are always happy to help with this if necessary.

First Aid at Work

 Employers by law must ensure that employees get immediate help if taken ill or injured at work. This applies to every workplace and the self-employed. The training courses in this section meet these minimum requirements set by the HSE regarding first aid provision for your workplace.

Paediatric First Aid

Do you work with children either in your own home of within a childcare setting? Are you a carer who wants the skills and confidence to deal with a medical emergency involving an infant or child? Does your setting require you or your team to meet the criteria of regulatory authorities such as OFSTED and EYFS surrounding your first aid provision? We have a range of Paediatric First Aid courses that meet these requirements and help care givers provide effective first aid to children.

Basic Life Support

Are you a Healthcare professional or work in an environment where you may encounter a life-threatening situation such as a healthcare facility or an area of public safety? Are you required to undertake a mandatory annual essential skills update in order to maintain quality standards in your area of work? Our range of Basic Life Support courses revolve around administering high-quality and effective CPR for adults, children and infants as well as looking at other life support skills. 

First Response in Emergency Care (FREC)

In the context of pre-hospital care and emergency medical training in the United Kingdom, “FREC” stands for “First Response Emergency Care.” The qualifications are designed to provide individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond effectively to medical emergencies and provide immediate care to patients before they reach a hospital or other healthcare facility. These qualifications are often sought by individuals working in roles such as emergency first responders, ambulance technicians, or other positions within the pre-hospital care sector.


Pet First Aid

As a pet professional we don't need to tell you about the importance of being able to administer Emergency First Aid should a pet in your care become ill or injured. By completing this pet first aid course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge of how to respond to common first aid situations and emergency situations concerning the eyes, nose and mouth. You’ll learn about disorders of the digestive tract and be aware of signs of poisoning and how to respond. You’ll understand the different types of shock, be able to assess and respond to different types of haemorrhage, determine types of fractures and be able to treat them accordingly and understand different wound types. Finally you'll gain an understanding of how to recognise and administer CPR should it be necessary. Life-like simulation is performed on our interactive resources for the best possible training experience. This course is not designed to replace the need for veterinary care however can provide vital skills in dealing with an emergency whilst professional help is being obtained.