FAB Training

Fab First-Aid Fund

There are an abundance of reasons why you should choose us for your training but if you were still in any doubt then our Fab First-Aid Fund will help you come to that conclusion!

We believe that First-Aid should be accessible to all and that you are never too young to learn which is why we donate a financial proportion of all our bookings into our Fab First-Aid Fund. This money is then used to pay for our Mini Medic sessions held in schools and youth settings as well as helping to fund community awareness sessions.

Doesn’t that mean you just increase the costs of your courses to pay for it?

No it doesn’t – we remain one of the most competitive training providers out there, with our pricing structure being clear and affordable.

How do you decide who benefits from the training?

Once we have built up a pot, we will contact local schools and community groups explaining the scheme and asking them to express their interest. Once we have this information, we will see which application best meets the criteria set and develop a training plan with them.

What do you get out of it?

Part of our organisations culture is to be an integral part of the local community and provide a service that goes beyond expectation. We are proud of our relationship with local businesses and feel that this is the way for us to give something back.

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