What's in a training provider?

Choosing the perfect training provider can be tough, and you’re the only one who knows exactly what your company and workforce needs. It can be hard to know what to look for when you need a high-quality first aid or health and safety provider that will meet those needs and therefore we have put together some of the things to consider. 

When you’re choosing a provider for your company, one of the most important things is to find an organisation that employs staff who are competent in the specific skills they are teaching and are able to verify this competence through their recruitment and Internal Quality Assurance processes. By choosing a provider that employs highly-qualified staff who know how to deliver a range of courses and workshops, you can be confident that your training needs and those of your team will be met and that the information being taught is current, reliable and consistent. 

You may want to consider accreditation when choosing the right training provider for you. By instructing a provider who is accredited by a recognised awarding body you can be assured that they have undergone a rigorous approval process and have successfully met certain standards and criteria in order to gain that accreditation.

Another assurance of instructing an accredited provider is that you are able to prove due diligence as recommended by the HSE who provide a checklist aimed to assist companies find the right provider. Most of the requirements of this checklist will have been carried out by the awarding body in order for the centre to achieve the accreditation meaning it’s one less thing for you to worry about!

The world is now super internet savvy and online feedback is collected and published by a variety of channels with most service providers actively encouraging online reviews. Checking out published feedback and finding honest online reviews and testimonials can prove invaluable to give insight as to what to expect and ensure that the training provider will meet your expectations. 

There is an alarming increase in the amount of providers who agree to work without having a trainer lined up which can result in a frantic social media plea to get the course covered. That provider does not hold your workforce or business in high regard – they do not understand your values and want to provide you with the best training experience possible. It is always advisable to ensure that the provider know who is delivering the training and has performed their own due diligence on the trainer’s knowledge and competence or else how do they know they are providing you with the best experience.

So why choose Fabtraining?

Here at Fabtraining we employ staff with a range of specialities, and we support our staff in developing their own skills and knowledge and furthering their own portfolio of achievement. For example, one of our trainers recently qualified as a paramedic which not only was an incredible personal achievement but also means that we are now able to utilise those skills and competences, improving the range of services we can offer to our clients and customers. Another of our trainers is currently undertaking a front-line role within a company supporting the NHS ambulance service which again means we have the latest information on practice and process at our fingertips and are able to pass this onto our learners. 

All of our trainers, whether employed or freelance, are known to us and have undergone training with us at varying levels. All trainers are regularly Quality Assessed both behind the scenes and also in the classroom with scheduled standardisation taking place to ensure all our learners are consistently assessed by them. We NEVER send a trainer out unless we are confident that they are fully competent and skilled in the area and are fully up to date with the latest regulatory information needed. 

We are accredited with a number of leading awarding organisations; HighfieldQualsafeNuco to name a few which means you can be confident that we have been suitably vetted and that we meet the high standards set by these bodies who have met OFQUAL requirements.  

We really care about our customers and those that we train. We are committed and passionate in ensuring that everyone who leaves our training room is confident and enthused about the skills they have learned. We hold your organisation’s values and outlook in the highest regard and will do everything we possibly can to make sure that the best possible training experience is had. 

Our dedicated administration function is on-hand to deal with your training at every step of the way outside of the classroom. From offering support and guidance to making sure that prompt and accurate certification is achieved. We guarantee that you will receive first-class service both in and out of the training room! 

So whether you need advice about handling medication, an expert course on fire safety, a full first-aid course or paediatric first aid course for all of your employees, training on food safety or allergen awareness, assistance on promoting a healthy mental health culture in the workplace we’ve got you covered!